Start Works – Booklet For Youth Workers

During our YE Start Works, the participant created an inspirational booklet for youth workers and also young people, who would like to create a similar project about youth (un)employment. In the booklet, you can find besides the description of the majority of workshops also the logical framework of the project. If you have any questions regarding the activities listed, do not hesitate to contact us!

Start Works, booklet for youth workers

DOWNLOAD Start Works Booklet For Youth Workers

Start Works

In April 2019 Young Community with the help of Sfera Macedonia organized a youth exchange called Start Works. The YE was held in Vrchlabí, Czech Republic and included 29 people from the Czech Republic, North Macedonia, Greece, Portugal, and Poland. The topic of the project was youth (un)employment, development of soft skills and how to orientate in the world full of opportunities and how to choose the right one. Celý příspěvek

YE Life 4 Hacking 2 Experiences

In May 2019 SFERA Macedonia facilitated a youth exchange called Life for Hacking 2 in Denmark. Young Community, as one of the partner organizations, sent a 5-member team to explore the life hacks and to learn what does it take to survive in wild nature as well as in the kitchen. The project was designed for young people from Poland, Czech Republic, Denmark, Croatia, Romania, and North Macedonia.  Celý příspěvek

YE Life 4 Hacking 2 – Denmark

Type of project:  Youth Exchange
Title:  Life 4 Hacking 2
Topic:  life hacks of all kinds
Venue:  Store Heddinge, Denmark
Date:  6/5-14/5 2019
Participants: 4 participants  and 1 leader 23+ from the Czech Republic
Infopack:   download
Application:      CLICK HERE 
(deadline: 27/2/2019)

YE reMind Reports

DAY 1 (Eva and Katerina)

The day started with all of the group having breakfast and making the first introductions and informal getting to know each other. After breakfast, we started with the first activities. The organizing team Elishka, Tereza and Andrej introduced themselves and Tereza did the first name game. Afterwards, the Romanian team took over for the next name game and icebreaker so we got to learn almost all the names in the first session. After the name games, we also had some team building activities where we found out more about each other and bonded as a group. Celý příspěvek