S.H.O.W. Report

Youth exchange S.H.O.W. can be described as a safe space for sharing, learning and expanding comfort zones. Participants were sharing diverse talents, skills and knowledge to other participants and improved their skills in acting, public speaking, brainstorming, leadership, artistic expression, etc. which were later creatively used in preparation and implementation of the final show.
The first day was dedicated to setting up safe, friendly and inspiring environment through various getting to know each other activities, team building games and other fun acitivities which helped to build to group and set up the corner stone for the cooperation and common creation in the next days of project. The cherry on the pie was the intercultural evening where we learned about different cultures through fun sketches, dances, food and informal talks.
The program for the following days was inroduced on the second day and we set our own personal and learning goals and learned about the objectives of the project.
The project was designed to provide participants the first hand experience in preparing and managing dance show step by step.
The first days were filled with dance and movement workshops, acting and improvisation activities, discovering the topic of comfort zone, learning group choreographies and performing them during the visit in the city, learning about ourselves, our limits, skills and passions and in the same time to learn about other participants and their backgrounds.
In the middle of our journey we set up to an adventure on jeep trip where we discovered the beautiful surroundings of Marmaris and used the chance to perform what we have learned in previous days to other visitors and in different places during the trip.
The second half of the project was than dedicated to the creative work and using learned skills and new knowledge in preparing the final dance show. Participants presented their ideas how the final performance may look like and than we divided into smaller working groups according our motivation and developed these ideas further and worked on them. In the end we prepared 30 minutes dance show which you can see in the video bellow. We performed the show in the evening of the 9th day in the hotel stage and most of the hotel guest came to support us and to see what we have been up to in the last days. Many of them became our friends during these days and share with us this great journey and lots of great moments and energy.
On the very last day everybody was tired after 9 days of intense activities but we felt happy and fullfilled by our creation and experience so we closed the project by planing future activities and finaly we summarized the our experience in final evaluation activities.
We are sad that this project is over but we believe that it was just the very first step on our journey together. So may all our steps become little dances and the world our stage.