YE Life 4 Hacking 2 – Denmark URGENT CALL


We are looking for more participants to join the Czech team going to Denmark for Erasmus+ project LIFE 4 HACKING 2. The project is about hacks for nature, cooking hacks and for instance photo editing. Want to have a week full of adventure and meet new friends? Tired of learning behind the school desk? 

Read more info in the INFOPACK.


The application is reopened to 28/3/2019.

Erasmus+ is covering your travel costs up to €275. The accommodation, catering, and material for workshops are provided for free by the organizers.

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  1. Hey, Hi, Hello!!
    I am from Czech republic, 24 years old student on uni in Brno. I feel like I would like to experience some new adventure with new friends and visit this beautiful country, so I would be pleased to be chosen as a next participant. Beside to traveling I love sports and fun. I have already been to 2 projects organized by Erasmus+, so I probably know what to expect:-)

    Thank you for your feedback.

    Yours sincerely

    Tomáš Kašpar

    • Hi Tomáš,
      if you would like to apply, you have to fill the application. Thanks!

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