YE Start Works Call for Czechs

Type of project:  Youth Exchange
Title:  Start Works
Topic:  youth (un)employment, soft skills, entering the labor market
Venue:  Vrchlabí, Czech Republic
Date:   17-26 April 2019
Participants:  4 participants 18-25 and 1 leader 18+ from CR
Infopack   download
Application:   LINK (till 31/3/2019)

Do you find yourself struggling when applying for a job or internship, this whole bureaucracy with CVs and cover letters bother you too much? Participate in your Erasmus+ youth exchange, where you will meet other young people from EU countries trying to solve the same problem! Read more in the infopack!

This project is meant for people with a lack of experience with Erasmus+ youth exchanges, so do not worry guys! All of us will be on the same starting line. We really appreciate that you have the courage to participate in our project and we will do our best to meet your expectations. Erasmus+ will pay for our accommodation, food and travel costs. Wanna understand more? Read our   E+  Guide!

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