YE reMind Reports

DAY 1 (Eva and Katerina)

The day started with all of the group having breakfast and making the first introductions and informal getting to know each other. After breakfast, we started with the first activities. The organizing team Elishka, Tereza and Andrej introduced themselves and Tereza did the first name game. Afterwards, the Romanian team took over for the next name game and icebreaker so we got to learn almost all the names in the first session. After the name games, we also had some team building activities where we found out more about each other and bonded as a group. Celý příspěvek

YE reMind Call for Czechs

Updated 15/5

We are looking for 2 boys 18+ from the Czech Republic to participate in our upcoming youth exchange „reMind“. 
Date: 13/6-22/6 2018
Venue: Vrchlabí, Czech Republic
Topic: Mental health, self-awareness, relaxation
Participants: 4 participants 18-26 years old of Czech nationality
Leader: 1 leader 18+ (no upper limit) of Czech nationality

Deadline for application:  ASAP Celý příspěvek