After participating in the Youth Exchange Beauty Lies in Diversity, organised by AENIE with the support of Erasmus+, our participant MartaI was to spread the word about this opportunity between young people, to inspire them to perhaps also take part in similar non-formal education projects, but also to raise awareness about the topics that this exchange focused on. Let’s read more about her experience and about the event she had organized!
My sending organisation was non-formal group Young Community, and I am very happy and grateful I got to represent them at their first abroad project.
For my dissemination, I chose my class at our school, Gymnázium Písek, because it offers good technical equipment for showing a presentation to a bigger group of people, but it also offers a pleasant and friendly space, since we’ve spent the last 4 years together there.
I find telling about my experience to people of my age important, because during the Beauty Lies in Diversity exchange we discussed topics like equality, identity, minorities like LGBTQ+ or discrimination. And who else has the power to make a change in the future approach towards these problematics and improve them, if not the young generation?
My aim goal, besides talking about the above mentioned problematics, was to show a different view on education, discovering new cultures and travelling, and to show my classmates and friends, how do Erasmus+ projects actually work.
Around 20 friends and classmates took part in my dissemination, none of them previously participating themselves, and generally having little knowledge about Erasmus+.
What I appreciated the most was the friendly atmosphere during my presentation and the questions my classmates were asking me afterwards, showing the interest in the possibilities Erasmus+ and non-formal education offer.
For me personally, having the chance to meet people from different countries with different cultures is one of the most valuable experiences and it expands my horizons, and so I hope some of my friends will also seize the chance and participate in projects such as was this one by AENIE in the future.

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