YE BLID Report

This month a first Czech team was sent by YOUNG COMMUNITY to participate in youth exchange „Beauty Lies in Diversity“. How was the project and what the participants learned? Find out in the following report from Karel:

Project „Beauty lies in diversity“ took place in Portugal, Evora between 24.3. and 1.4.2018. We have met with participants from Czech Republic, Serbia, Croatia, Italy, Denmark, Slovenia and Portugal to discuss topics of discrimination, diversity and LGBT+. The project consisted of many activities such as energizers and thematic workshops, for example we had a chance to take part in workshop about LGBT+ refugees or workshop about LGBT+ terminology. Although we were working hard every day, we also had some free time to discover Evora and its surroundings, to play games and to get to know each other better.  We also had a chance to go for a study visit to Lisbon and to spend one day there, which was really great. At the last days of project, we used all the knowledge we gained at the workshops to create a movie, booklet and posters aimed against all types of discrimination such as racism or discrimination based on sexuality, our products were aimed to raise awareness of the public towards the issue of discrimination. I really enjoyed the project and it gave a lot to me, new experiences, new friend and of course also new knowledge. I would like to give my thanks to the sending organization “Young community” and to the hosting organization “AENIE”, thank you for giving me an opportunity to be part of this project. It was a great experience.

Video made by participants


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