YE reMind Reports

DAY 1 (Eva and Katerina)

The day started with all of the group having breakfast and making the first introductions and informal getting to know each other. After breakfast, we started with the first activities. The organizing team Elishka, Tereza and Andrej introduced themselves and Tereza did the first name game. Afterwards, the Romanian team took over for the next name game and icebreaker so we got to learn almost all the names in the first session. After the name games, we also had some team building activities where we found out more about each other and bonded as a group. After the fun morning, we all had lunch together and continued getting to know each other. After the lunch break, we continued with an introduction to the program and activities and we had an Erasmus plus presentation so we got to learn how the programme is funded, what is a youth exchange, the differences between formal, non-formal and informal education and why the EU is funding this programme. Finally, we had a Youthpass and the main competences activity which was formed in a way also as a team-building exercise. We were divided into mixed national teams and had some tasks to do together through which we learned what each of the competencies represents.

After the dinner, we had the intercultural evening where we had some fun presentations from each country and we learned some more about each culture, and then continued to try the food and drinks every national team brought for us. We continued the evening having a nice time listening to traditional music from each country.

DAY 2 (Richards)

The morning started with a walk up the mountain accompanied by some interesting conversations in pairs about mental health.

On the top of the mountain, after our best „coffee“ break yet, we started some team building exercises, followed by some trust exercises.

After stuffing our faces with food, we figured it’s the best time to do some Tai Chi and work with our newly consumed energy.

Energized and stronger than ever we finished the official part of the day with some insight into the 4 temperaments, organized into groups according to the temperaments we think we are and made short presentations about them.

Our karaoke night ended up being an awesome guitar concert outside, by the fireplace, which was an amazing way to end such a great day.


In my opinion, this was the best day so far. The diary making really was just the thing that I needed after the other day sessions. It was almost like an art therapy. Kate showed us some new coloring techniques with the string and it turned out really amazing. Then we had the stress workshop and before dinner meditation session. In the stress session we talked about many types of stress and what are the symptoms of it and how we deal with it our own way. After the discussion, we made a self-motivating page in the diary.Andrej gave us a very expressive and cartoonish explanation of the mediation process, so it gave us a better understanding of it. It was different that I was used to because I was used to completely guided meditation. As I said before I thought this was the best day so far, because I could let my artistic side shine through and I had an itch to do something like this in the previous days.

DAY 4 (Saša)

June 17th, the 4th day of our great youth exchange. After breakfast, we prepared for a hike. We gathered and went to the bus, which took us to Špindleruv Mlyn. Then we started our long and pleasant hike. We made a few stops, do some activities and eat. Closer to the end of hike part of us stayed to do walking yoga guided by Ondrej. In the evening, to close up the day, we gathered around a fire and ate some delicious Czech sausage and vegetables, which were cooked by Richards. We were joking, some laughing was happening. Then came Vendula with her guitar and a powerful voice, and magic started. It was a warm day, in all senses.


After we had nice hiking yesterday it was nice today to start the day with yoga and stretching we felt relaxed and energetic. After yoga we had a session about mental health awareness, it was good talking and sharing experiences and listening to different opinions and life situations from different backgrounds. Before ending the day we had surprise how to play djembe, it was really fun and amazing new experience. After a nice dinner we had five rhythms dance with candles which made us take out our negative energy and focus on dance and our body.


Report for the 19th of June 2018
The morning breakfast went fine and there were no incidents. 
At 9 30 there was the energizer led by Sasa. It was called „evolution „. The game starts from „rock, paper, scissors „ and the winner grows from an egg to a chicken to a monkey, human and superhuman. When you lose you get demoted to your first state- that of the egg. 

At 9:45 the open space „ schedule” where the following activities were prepared: 
1. Downstairs kitchen – „ the universe in a jar „ activity where the participants had to make the galaxy using carton balls and paintings and glitter and their imagination. The activity was led by Teresa. 
2. Upstairs kitchen – the „visualization „ activity with Danche. The participants had to visualize going back to their childhood. The feedback from this activity was really good, even though people ended up feeling really emotional. 
3. On the tennis court, the participants played volleyball with Andrej. 
At 11:45 the second open space started and the following were prepared: 
1. Downstairs kitchen – „ creative activities „ where people made anti stress balls and mandalas. 
2. Upstairs kitchen – bachata with Richards and Jana where people learned the bachata.
At 12:30 there was lunch. 
At 14 everybody embarked for the journey to the city which lasted for about 30 minutes. In the city, we were divided into 5 teams and each team had to complete a set of tasks. The first 3 teams could choose to get another extra task. 
The teams had to – write their names
– Find a name for the team
– Find a motivational song for the team
– Make a selfie with some locals 
– Compliment an elderly person
– Make a choreography for 20 people to watch 
All teams completed the tasks. 
At 5:30 p.m. participants were taken home by car. Lunch was at 7. 
It was movie night and some people watched „ The shape of water&quot“.


On day 7 (June 20) we focused on spreading the message: we split up into teams and prepared a video and a booklet with project outcomes, as well as promoting the project on social media. By popular demand, Danche repeated the visualization workshop, which was yet again a powerful experience for the group. The day ended in a casual atmosphere with a presentation of our achievements.

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